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Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)
Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)


Our refined and fashion Sicilian jewelry collection is entirely handmade with love in Sicily by the hands of talented native artisans.

We have ventured far and wide across Sicily in search of the best goldsmiths and the finest craftsmen who have continuously taken their dedication to quality and originality to another level.

They are master in creating graceful and elegant artwork, eternal treasures capable of transmitting emotions and love.

Each jewel boasts high-quality standards for the selection of precious stones and hypoallergenic materials.

crochet jewelry - online store
traditional Sicilian jewelry - online store

Our traditional Sicilian jewelry collection emanates a strong sense of passion.

Each piece must not only be worth its intrinsic value, but transmits pride and a sense of Sicilian tradition to who wears it.

It is a memory which is kept alive from generation to generation because Sicily exists in the heart!




Bobbin lace is a very fine, precise and intricate work.

It is one of the most time consuming trades ever and only a few Sicilian people continue practicing this ancient tradition.

These refined Sicilian jewelry will enrich yourself with the charming elegance of the Sicilian heritage!


A unique jewelry collection inspired by the most beautiful Sicilian flowers.

When these gifts from Mother Nature bloom, they create a wonderful landscape in Sicily.

Each flower has its own symbolic meaning and so you may choose the one that represents you the most!


The art of crochet belongs to our ancestors’ heritage.

This traditional Sicilian jewelry collection strives to preserve the soul of “Sicilianity” and reflects our lifestyle.

While wearing this unique jewelry full of joyful colors, you will feel all the good vibes of Sicily!


A unique jewelry collection inspired by the traditional Sicilian cart, one of the most famous symbols of our beloved island in the world.

Sicilian carts are known for being covered with brightly painted scenes from Sicilian history, paladins, and folklore as well as intricate geometrical designs.

You’re literally wearing a colorfully 100%, hand-painted piece of Sicily!


Sicily has a millenary tradition in the production of ceramics.

All artworks are hand-decorated with exquisite floral patterns, bright colors and beautiful geometric motifs.

This authentic Sicilian jewelry will enrich yourself with all our passion for life!


A refined handmade Sicilian jewelry collection inspired by the Sicilian identity.

As proud Sicilians we carefully select and use mainly “natural stones” from Sicily such as the red coral from the Mediterranean Sea, lava stones from Mt. Etna, and amber from the Simeto riversides.

Silver jewelry and precious stones are combined together to release all Sicilian energy!


Tatting is a very ancient art. At the beginning, the tatting art was used only for the trousseau, but nowadays we can create beautiful artworks to embellish ourselves.

Our collection is inspired by the jewelry catered for the nobility of the ancient times.

This tatting jewelry will make you feel like a princess!


The art of basket making is a very elaborate handicraft that requires a lot of skill and patience.

This jewelry comes out from the Sicilian olive trees and so it is entirely natural.

These artworks carries with them all the energy of these centuries-old plants therefore you will feel Mother Nature’s good vibes!

We are excited to introduce you our skillful artisans. Discover their stories and the making of their artwork.

They look forward to making unique handmade creations with love just for you!

Daniela and the art of crochet, and tatting jewelry!
Cinzia and the art of bobbin lace jewelry!
Gigi and the art of jewelry making based on the Sicilian precious stones!
Tania and the art of jewelry making inspired by the Sicilian flowers!
Antonella and the art of decorated jewelry inspired by the Sicilian cart!
Rossella, Claudio and the art of woven wood jewelry!

The Sicily Lover project’s goal is to help the best local artisans who craft handmade masterpieces following the ancient Sicilian traditions.

All items are completely produced and manufactured in Sicily.
In a fully standardized commercial market, we and our craftsmen offer you the possibility of having unique pieces. No two items are alike because everything is handcrafted for you!



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