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Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)
Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)


sicilian pottery collection

We are glad to display a unique collection of hand crafted and hand-painted Sicilian pottery.

These original Sicilian ceramics follow the most traditional style.

Sicily has a millenary tradition in the production of ceramics. Some of the terra-cotta objects date back to the Neolithic period (8000 years ago).

Maiolica and terra-cotta goods have been produced for centuries and today Sicilian pottery is among the best-known and appreciated in the world.

We’re proud in helping you obtain the most authentic decorative Sicilian pottery. Here, you can buy some famous Sicilian ceramic heads, known as the “Teste di Moro”, or Moors’ Heads.

You may also want to purchase serving dishes, cups, bowls, and dining table accessories, decorative plates, ceramic prickly pears, pine cones (a talisman since the Roman age) and of course our gorgeous “Trinacria”.

It is a mythical representation of a three legged Medusa which has served as the symbol of Sicily since ancient times.

sicilian pottery trinacria
sicilian pottery jewelry

All of our Sicilian ceramics respect the traditional Sicilian style.

They’re handmade and hand-painted by the most talented Sicilian artisans.

All artworks are decorated with exquisite floral patterns, bright colors and beautiful geometric motifs.

These authentic Sicilian ornaments will fill your home with joyful colors and our passion for life!






We are excited to introduce you our skillful artisans. Discover their stories and the making of their artwork.

They look forward to making unique handmade creations with love just for you!

Biagio and the art of pottery making!
Caterina and the art of pottery decoration!

The Sicily Lover project’s goal is to help the best local artisans who craft handmade masterpieces following the ancient Sicilian traditions.

All items are completely produced and manufactured in Sicily.
In a fully standardized commercial market, we and our craftsmen offer you the possibility of having unique pieces. No two items are alike because everything is handcrafted for you!



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