Welcome to the first and the biggest 100% handmade in Sicily online store!
Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)
Duty-free shop for orders up to $ 799 (U.S. citizens)


We’re excited to share our Sicily Lover hand-painted t-shirts collection with you.

Our t-shirts are wholly manufactured in Sicily by the best native tailors using high quality Oeko-Tex textiles free of any harmful substances.

Furthermore they are hand-painted with original designs created by the most talented Sicilian artists who only use high quality colors: they are pleasantly soft to the touch, vibrant, intense and lightfast.

hand painted t shirts
hand painted t shirts

Our Sicily Lover hand-painted t-shirts collection stands out for its Sicilian-inspired trends, its exquisite floral patterns, bright colors and beautiful Sicilian motifs comprised of a red heart that represents our love and passion for Sicily.

All t-shirts strive to preserve the soul of “Sicilianity” and reflect our lifestyle.

Proudly display these precious pieces of Sicily for all your family and friends.

Become part of the Sicily Lovers wonderful family and help us spread our love for Sicily!



The Sicily Lover project’s goal is to help the best local artisans who craft handmade masterpieces following the ancient Sicilian traditions.

All items are completely produced and manufactured in Sicily.
In a fully standardized commercial market, we and our craftsmen offer you the possibility of having unique pieces. No two items are alike because everything is handcrafted for you!

We are excited to introduce you our skillful artisans. Discover their stories and the making of their artwork.

They look forward to making unique handmade creations with love just for you!

Gaia and the art of tailoring!
Ionella and the art of painting!

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